Bluetooth connection to smartphone issue (with Xbee socket module)

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asj asked 5 months ago

I own an Ardusimple that was delivered with Bluetooth XBee socket installed. I am trying to get my smartphone connecting to the Ardusimple using Bluetooth and use software such as Lefebure Ntrip Client or Gnss Surveyor.
They both work great on the smartphone if the Ardusimple is connected to my PC thru USB and u-center is running.
If I connect the Ardusimple on a simple USB power source and I don’t have u-center connected to the Ardusimple, it seems there is no data out of the Bluetooth module, Gnss Surveyor terminal feature shows nothing, while I see NMEA traffic when the device is powered thru USB and also connected to u-center.
Any idea how to get my Ardusimple to work with Bluetooth autonomously (without u-center connection) ?
Thank you.

Ardusimple Staff replied 4 months ago

Hi asj,
That’s indeed a bit strange, as bluetooth is independent from USB connection.
From the other question you posted I see you changed the default configuration, that is probably the source of the problem. In order to work over bluetooth, you need to enable NMEA output on UART2. Our bluetooth is configured by default at 38400bps, so it’s also important that you configure UART2 at this baudrate. Try these setting and give us feedback.

Ardusimple Staff replied 4 months ago

Could you solve it?

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asj answered 4 months ago

Thank you for your comments.
My problem is still unsolved but I now have a better understanding of my problem.
My test case is the following:
Ardusimple UART2 is setup at baudrate 38400 and selected to output UBX+NMEA+RTCM3
My Xbee Bluetooth module is still default settings from Ardusimple at baudrate 38400.
My Ardusimple is powered thru the GPS USB port.
I am using Gnss Surveyor Android application for testing as it provides a terminal to see the data flow from the Bluetooth connection.
If I power the Ardusimple from a PC but without u-center application running on this computer, I can connect to Ardusimple Bluetooth module from Gnss Surveyor and the LED2 on the XBee socket gets fixed light but the terminal shows NO data.
In this configuration, after I start u-center application on the PC, I can see data coming in the terminal from Gnss Surveyor application.
I also tried to quit u-center application on the PC without rebooting the Ardusimple, I still get data in the terminal from Gnss Surveyor. (I’ve waited a few minutes to make sure the data still comes and it’s not just buffered)
I am coming to the conclusion that something is required from u-center to initialize the Ardusimple and get the data flowing on the Bluetooth connection.
Ideally, I’d like to use my Ardusimple with Bluetooth autonomously without requiring to run u-center.
I don’t know if there is a special startup mode that could be activated on the ZED-F9P so it outputs data on Bluetooth without u-center or eventually if I need to initialize the device thru special commands on UART1 or UART2.
I’ll also question Ublox support forum on this issue.
Thank you.

asj replied 4 months ago


The URL where I posted this this question on Ublox forum is:

I have good news as I posted on Ublox forum:
I have recently received a second Ardusimple that will be used as a rover. I tested Bluetooth on this new device and it doesn’t show the Bluetooth problem I reported here with my first Ardusimple, so it must be something related to the configuration. Glad the problem is fixed, at least on this second device.

I’ll check if I can find which setting is causing the Bluetooth problem on my first Ardusimple and will post here.