Bluetooth comunication problem.

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WhiteTigerTR asked 2 years ago
I aim to get precise location information with my “Long range starter kit” hardware.
i can connect android or iphone mobile device to rover device at the same time i need to work with bluetooth for him.
In this direction, I first checked if I could get data from the cards with Base and Rover settings to my computer via UBLOX U-CENTER application.
The result was successful for me as I was able to get position information with sensitivity of around 1.5m without NTRIP settings.
It was time to add the bluetooth module to the rover and start it.
I tried to implement shared information with me, I could see the module, connect, but I couldn’t read the location information.
Thinking I’ve spent a lot of time with this connection. To be able to test
I removed the LR module from the rover device and installed the bluetooth module. And I tried to follow the steps I was told. But I failed.
You will see images of this last experiment in the attached videos.
I’m waiting for an answer to the email I wrote about the topic, but I wanted to share my experience and problem with this platform.
Thank you very much to everyone who will help.
First Video (Laptop PC)
Second Video (Samsung Note9)
Staff replied 2 years ago

Hi Whitetiger, typical issues in this setup are:
– NMEA messages not enabled by default on UART2.
– Bluetooth baudrate not the same as the UART2 baudrate.