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baer-christoph asked 2 years ago

i did some tweaks in the config, to improve the performance as Rover (Tractor autosteer System)

  1. DGNSS Timeout to 255 sec (~4min bridging of correction signal loss)
  2. rate to 10Hz
  3. ports (messages & baudrates)
  4. Navigation Mode -> Pedestrian (dont really know if this helps?)

Are there any other settings to improve the performance?
Is it somehow possible to increase the dgnss timeout even higher? 10-30 mins would be really nice. Precision declines, but it would be way better than no correction (no sbas)

Ardusimple Staff replied 2 years ago

Sorry we really missed this question. It’s a bit late.
Unforunately there’s no way to keep the precision when corrections are lost. hopefully u-blox will launch a firmware update supporting sbas.