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Orlando Lopez asked 2 years ago
Since the RTK has a No RTK LED which shows if RTK is engaged or not I was wondering if there is some way to detect that in python code for the raspberry pi. Pretty much I want to tie the No RtK to a variable in python.
My project uses the RTK to move a car up to a certain waypoint and then turn around but I’m having trouble with the RTK lock coming in and out, so I want to tell the car to only move forward while it has confirmed that the RTK lock is active, otherwise remain still and wait for RTK lock.
Something like this:
RTK = no RTK led
If RTK==true:
     Move forward
How would that code look like in python for raspberry pi? I’m still new at this so any help would be appreciated.
Staff replied 2 years ago

Hi Orlando,
Custom exact code we don’t provide, but you can decode the RTK status from the message called GGA.

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