Base Station not sending rtk corrections – “no fix” led stays on

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Jay Barb asked 2 months ago
About a month ago I ordered a rtk2b basic kit. I installed it in a ground vehicle and interfaced it to an arduino for navigation. It worked well, actually better than I expected. I just ordered another board for a base station. I seem to have a problem with the base not sending rtk corrections. This is how I set it up.
1. Antenna is attached to a 6″ metal plate on a 10 ft pole in an open area.
2. Board is powered by usb from a laptop cable attached to “power+gps” port.
3. After powering up the following led’s are observed:
    Power led is on, “no rtk” led is on,
    “gps fix” led blinking @ 1 sec intervals
    “gps-xbee” led blinking @ 1 sec intervals
3. Started u-center, board is connected to u-center @ 38400.
4. Set configuation back to the default settings.
4. Loaded base config file from Ardusimple web site. “Fix Mode:” shows 3D.
5. Ran “Survey-in” with settings of 2 minutes & 1 meter.
6. After 2 minutes “Fix Mode” changed to “TIME”.
At this time I expected the “no rtk” led to turn off. I did not. I thought that the base config file that I downloaded would make all the necessary config settings. Is there some other setting that I need to make manually so that the Base starts sending out rtk corrections. I checked that uart1 and uart2 are enabled and RTCM3x is enabled.
Thanks for any assistance you may provide.

1 Answers
Ardusimple Staff answered 2 months ago
Dear customer,
The NO RTK led is disabled in base station mode, so it will always stay ON.
If u-center is displaying TIME mode, the board is ready to send correction data.
If you loaded the “Base” configuration file from our site, then the unit is outputting correction data via UART2 only.
Jay Barb
replied 2 months ago

Thanks for the quick response. I had the rover board connected to UART1 so I suspect that was why I wasn’t getting a fix. I’ll change that connection to UART2 and give it another try and report back.

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