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steffendring asked 1 week ago

Hallo and a happy new year!
Is it possible to send fixed surveyed coordinates via the NTRIP Master server to RTK2GO?
I cannot find one resp. two fields for entering such coordinates like for example here
And how Do I have to configure the Wifi NTRIP Master to work in BOTH the NTRIP server (to RTK2Go) and the NTRIP client mode AT THE SAME TIME?
I tried the whole day to get it work but when I activate the NTRIP server the client doesn´t receive any NTRIP correction signals anymore – thus without the server active receiving correction signals is no problem for the NTRIP client!?
Thank´s and best regards!

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AndrewRL answered 3 days ago

1. If you are using the Ardusimple wifi NTRIP master then you need a wired connection to U-Centre to change the survey mode to “fixed” and to enter these surveyed coordinates (you need the surveyed height too). You cannot do it over the air. The Esprtk software which you linked is different and includes some U-Centre features.
Since you are using rtk2go you can check the status page for your mountpoint to see the “Pos-LLH” which it has received to see if it is what you expected.
If you are moving the base in the field between surveyed points at different locations then I think you would need either to set the new location in advance or take a windows laptop with U-Centre to do the setup. 
2. When I bought my board I tested survey-in mode with NTRIP client (connected to a remote rtk2go site) and NTRIP server (connected to my mountpoint) active simultaneously and it did seem to work OK. But like you I opted to enter surveyed coordinates for better repeatability.
Are you sure ticking the server box deactivates the client? You can check in U-Centre what messages are being received and with the latest wifi NTRIP Master software (0.4.4) you can see live on the web config pages the number of bytes sent and received over each interface.
But I am confused why you need both active on the same board? If you are using Simplertk2b in base mode and know and are using its high precision surveyed location, surely using the NTRIP client to feed it with RTCM from some other base has no purpose?