Base station correction not working when Bluetooth is used

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shuizenga1 asked 5 months ago
I purchased RTK Base – Rover Calibrated Surveyor Kit believing I would use USB to attach to my tablet. APGLOS app is not seeing the USB connection. So I ordered Shield for second Plugin Socket and Bluetooth module. I uploaded the USB configuration file. When I do this it changes the baud to 38400 and base correction quits working. I tried to change the base to 38400 baud and that did not correct the issue. How do I use base station and bluetooth?

1 Answers
Ardusimple Staff answered 5 months ago
Hi shuizenga,
Check that the switch on the Shield is towards UART1. Configure UART1 at 38’400bps, and leave UART2 at 115’200bps so it can understand radio connection.

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