Base/Rover for relative positioning in rural areas?

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Daniel asked 9 months ago

I do septic system design, unsurprisingly in mostly rural areas with no cell service.  I am looking to get fairly accurate (within a couple of inches) positional/elevation measurements relative to each other at distances of up to several hundred feet. The single rover setup doesn’t seem useful to me as it relies on a cellular connection. Best I can tell, what I need  could be accomplished with a base/rover setup, along with a tablet or phone running appropriate software?  Would I need anything more (outside of accessories) than a couple of simpleRTK2B (or simpleRTK2Blite?) boards, radio modules and antennas?  I’m assuming the phone/tablet would connect via USB? I am also curious as to how effective it would be if I am in wooded areas with the rover? If there is an dummies guide showing how to set this up, by all means point me to it.  I’m looking to speed up the process and get more accuracy than the old laser level and tape measures. Thanks for any assistance you can provide!

Ardusimple Staff replied 9 months ago

The thing is that even if you have a base-rover setup, if you are in an area without cell coverage, you need somehow to calibrate the base station too.
– If you have a geodetic reference point in the area is fairly easy as you can set up there your base station
– But if you don’t you will have to install the base station in survey-in mode and after 24h you will have an accuracy in the 20-30 centimeter range.
– Lastly you can use PPK postprocessing service, just go with your rover around recording RAW data and send this information to the service provider (free with some limitations or paid) and get back the positions. You can also use PPK to calibrate your base station and then get real time position in your rover. We don’t provide support on postprocessing, only on realtime RTK, if you have any questions on this you will have to rely on the community support.