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greentech asked 4 months ago

Hi, I have BASE-Multi ROVER board. I have successfully tested the individual BASE-ROVER configurations.
Now, I need help to simultaneously use two rover with mission planner with the same RTK base.
The Problem: If i select RTK BASE COM in GPS RTK Pannel of Mission Planner for one Rover, for the other Rover the COM in whitch Base send correction is occuped so Mission Planner cant using that BASE RTK.
I would have liked to attach the image but I don’t understand how to select the files.
Waiting for the help, Best regards

Ardusimple Staff replied 3 months ago

Hello greentech,

Does your base multi-rover has LR radios?
Because it seems that you are sending your corrections via your telemetry radio.

If you bought a base multi rover from us (with LR radios), there is no need to configure anything in Mission Planner.
Just power the base and it will broadcast corrections automatically to whoever is listening.
When you power the rovers, they will compute the corrections automatically and get RTK solution fix.
You just need to connect your rovers to your Pixhawk GPS or UART port and configure this connection in the Pixhawk accordingly (set it as GPS with the proper baudrate).

Let us know a bit more information about your setup.

Best regards,
ArduSimple Team