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Ryan asked 4 months ago

Hi, I’m a newbie to gps and trying to setup my simplertk2b to send a NMEA string via an XBEE Bluetooth module to a windows tablet. 
I have set the UART2 output to NMEA and saved the configuration using U-Center and at first all was working correctly. 
I powered the unit from a Arduino nano and straight away the gps light flashed slowly and the XBee light was off. 
I then tried connecting back through the power/gps port and the same thing happened, each time the gps light flashed the computer made the sound of the USB port disconnecting and connecting. Once I selected the correct port in U-center this went away until it got a gps fix and the light came on it would then disconnect the port again!
If I send the configuration again it works correctly, as soon as I power down and power up it all happens again! 
What have I done! 
Any help is appreciated. 

lesselby replied 3 months ago

I had a similar problem. I “sent” a change in the configuration but I didn’t “save” it to the module and the original configuration came back on re-power up.