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john-8369 asked 1 year ago
I’ve put together a simple RTK base station using an ublox ZED-F9P and a basic ANN-MB antenna, and while it works well for PPK, I’m only getting RTK float.
The antenna as located at the end of an ~6m high stone building (with metal roofing) and I’m assuming that one of the issues may be multipath signals. The antenna itself has a 360 view of the sky to about 5deg elevation.
I’ve two options (as I see it):

  1. Persevere with the ANN-MB, and add a improved ground plane using a ~160mm diameter aluminium disc.
    This is obviously the cheap option, and may well have no discernable difference.
  2. Get a better antenna, this is most likely the best option but I’m left working out what antenna to get.
    A choke ring antenna has been suggested, but the cost is prohibitive.

Looking at the antenna options here, I’m left with either:

  • AS-ANT3B-CAL – Calibrated Survey GNSS Tripleband + L-band antenna
  • AS-ANT3B-HEL – Lightweight helical GNSS Tripleband + L-band antenna

Are either of these options suitable for my setup (base on the scant information I’ve provided), if so which one is advised (I assume the Calibrated version). *OR*, am I chasing a lost cause?
Many thanks,

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Ardusimple Staff answered 1 year ago
With zed-f9p a calibrated antenna will not help unless you use a base station software can handle an antenna calibration file.
In our opinion if you want to get more from your zed-f9p:

  • First step add a ground plane to ANN-MB
  • Second step go for the survey antenna (not calibrated).
  • After this you need to move to a higher end receiver like simpleRTK3B.

john-8369 answered 1 year ago

Many thanks for the feedback. This was was cobbled together using a branch of RTKlib (RTKexplorer), and I’m using str2str to send the RTCM3 messages to a SNIP server, so…

  • I don’t think a antenna calibration file can be used by str2str
  • I’m using SNIP as I didn’t want to be publishing garbage to RTK2GO

In hindsight it probably wasn’t the best option, but it was a shoestring budget and it’s been educational. The simpleRTK3B but at the moment is out of my budget, but it’s something to consider.

Finally, can you tell me what the standard prices for the simpleRTK3B are (I appreciate the issues you’re having in the supply chain).

Edit: Also, do you sell a 5m TNC to SMA cable for use with the survey antenna? Or should I just get the 2.5m SMA extension cable?


Staff replied 1 year ago

3B series price will be in the 550€/unit.

Staff replied 1 year ago

About cable, currently we only have 2.5m TNC-SMA.

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