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jacfiscalization asked 5 months ago
Good evening.
I ask if there is already someone who has done a project with the new ARDUSIMPLERTK2B MICRO board and if they have the wiring diagram. 
Waiting for answers.

Avelino Castro

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Ardusimple Staff answered 5 months ago
You will find here the wiring instructions:

jacfiscalization answered 5 months ago

Wiring diagram and ArdusimpleRTK Micro lifting equipment.


Good afternoon.


I ask anyone who can answer me if my attached schematic is correct or wrong and if there is anything missing that I have forgotten.




Avelino Castro


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Staff replied 5 months ago

The diagram looks quite good, just 2 observations:

1. Pin 19 (EXTINT) it’s an input, not recommended to drive “GPS FIX” LED. For “GPS FIX” LED we recommend TIMEPULSE OUTPUT. For both LEDs use a series resistor not smaller than 500ohm, otherwise you will use too much current from the receiver. If your LEDs need more current, then use inverted logic. Power the LED from external source and connect the LED cathode to the Micro to just bring the voltage to ground.

2. The Micro maximum voltage input is 3.6V. A typical battery charger for a 3.6V Li-Ion battery will go up to 4.2V. This exceeds the maximum voltage input of Micro, and will get damaged when charging. Considering adding a voltage regulator between the battery and the Micro, or a series diode with a minimum voltage drop of 0.6V.

replied 5 months ago


Thanks for your explanation/clarification.
I ask if this board is used to regulate the voltage for the micro board:

<a href="″&quot”&quot”&quot; rel="nofollow"></a>

Input voltage 0.3-5.5V
Output voltage 3.3 or 5V
5V @ 600mA max
3.3V @ 200mA max
Undervoltage lock out at 2.6V
LiPo JST connector or 2-pin header power input\
Inductor: 4.7uH, 1.2A Sumida CDRH2D18
Over temperature protection


Here I leave the correction of the connection scheme to verify if it is correct:


Staff replied 5 months ago

Yes this looks better thank you. No extra comments.

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