Ardusimple RTK2B and ESP32 providing RTK corrections. Newbie.

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glenn.littleford asked 4 weeks ago
Hi Guys.
I’m using the code at to connect to a near by free NTRIP service. The ESP32 makes the connection via wifi, selects the mount point and streams the correction data out a serial pin. I want to use this stream with a Ardusimple RTK2B to give RTK for a rover.
But I’m hitting a wall here. I can see the serial data streaming from the ESP32 every second, and have tried connecting this to the RX1 pin or the XBee Rx pin, but the Ardusimple stays in 3D mode. I suspects its a ublox F9P configuration issue, incorrect baud rate, or something.
Voltage levels are ok, 3.3v. I’ve tested the Ardusimple with U-Center using the same server and mount point, and I get a GPS fix, so I know the module and the server are right.
Any help would be appreciated, I’m starting to loose hair.
Thanks Glenn
Staff replied 4 weeks ago

We are assuming that your ESP32 is doing the right think. In this case, we would check:
1. That you are connecting GND between the ESP32 and the simpleRTK2B board
2. Make sure that you are connecting TX from ESP32 to RX from simpleRTK2B.
3. Some casters needs you to send GGA message to server, otherwise they disconnect you. For this you will have to connect TX from simpleRTK2B to RX of ESP32.
4. Our configuration files accept RTCM via both UART1 and UART2 @ 115’200bps:
5. Note that RX1 / RX2 pins in ArduSimple board are for different functions, if you want to use them both for GPS communication the labels are inverted:
TX2: XBee UART TX (this pin is also connected to ZED-F9P UART2 RX).
RX2: XBee UART RX (this pin is also connected to ZED-F9P UART2 TX).

replied 4 weeks ago

Thanks, I’m making progress. I now have the No RTK LED on the SimpleRTK2B board flashing, and u-center tells me I have a GNSS/FLOAT. Does this mean I have valid RTK data going to the SimpleRTK2B? Or will any data, valid or not, be a “FLOAT” condition? Just wanted to check I have valid data before I start trouble shooting the lack of a FIX. Glenn

Staff replied 4 weeks ago

Yes, NO RTK blinking and u-center showing GNSS/FLOAT is a good sign, means correction data is arriving.

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