Ardusimple rtk2 LR Base/Rover send position configuration : some question about configuration

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mario.brustia asked 1 month ago

Goodmorning everyone.
I have some doubts about the configuration of the system in question. I have been trying for a few days but I have not been able to solve it.
I uploaded the configuration files on the site for the base system> rover send message
1> BASE> On the base’s RTX2, do I receive rover data with NMEA messages (using putty for message  monitor) ?
2> BASE> On RTX1 should I read the parameters of the base in NMEA format if I enable UART1 and NMEA protocol out (using putty)?
3> BASIC> If I have a known FIXED position, can I set it via NMEA messages (using serial terminal as putty to send message) so as not to have to use UCENTER every time? I have browsed all the ublox PDF but I have not found any voice about it … or have I not searched well?
3> ROVER> where do I find “rover navigation rate”? I can’t find the UBX-MSG-MSG voice to set it at 1 HZ.
4> ROVER> Disable all NMEA messages except GGA on UART2> ON the NMEA tab is already enabled ONLY GGA.Is it correct? In case, where can I find this mode?
5> BASE> If you have the known position of the point where I install the base, is it better to set in FIX or leave SURVEY IN?in case..  I leave the same parameters for accuracy and time or is it better to enter other data?
thanks to anyone and sorry for the questions…maybe for you trivial
Have a nice day .

Ardusimple Staff replied 1 month ago

1. On the base you receive rover’s position on “TX2: XBee UART TX (this pin is also connected to ZED-F9P UART2 RX).”
2. On the base you receive base station position on “TX1: ZED-F9P UART1 TX”
3. No, you can only do with binary protocol UBX. UBX-CFG-TMODE3.
4. The configuration files already do the job for you. If you want to check manually you need to go to UBX-CFG-MSG
5. If you know position, it’s always better to set the position.

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mario.brustia answered 1 month ago

Thanks for the quick reply! 😉

mario.brustia answered 1 month ago

good morning. I did some tests…
ROVER tx to base >> By connecting the rover, on the tx2 rover and base I can read correctly the nmea data that arrive (GNGGA).
BASE Rx data from rover>> I set the base in FIX mode
I set UART 1 OUT, 38400 bps, only NMEA OUT protocol.
By attaching a serial monitor I should expect to see constant data (FIX) regarding lat and long … right?
What I read as location data is this
$ GNGGA, 0.0,4259481N, 083.618,999.9,9.9,23C
$ GNGGA, 0674.0,46, E1,2,9.9,5. ,,, 9999999999992 * C
they are always different strings, while the strings coming from the rower are correct.
On tx1 out, should I read the data (lat long alt) entered in FIX POSITION mode?
Another Hardware question: is the RESET pin enabled and, if so, does it work like the RESET pin on the arduino?
Good continuation

Ardusimple Staff replied 1 month ago

Hi Mario,
I don’t manage to understand your explanation, for example this sentence is not clear “ROVER tx to base >> By connecting the rover, on the tx2 rover and base I can read correctly the nmea data that arrive (GNGGA).”.

About reset question, reset is not labelled on the arduino pins, this means it’s not wired to the arduino pins. reset is only possible by removing power to the board or connecting to the pin RESET.

mario.brustia answered 1 month ago problem … I rewrite everything
to test if NMEA data parsing was working, I loaded the “srtk2b_rover_FW_HPG112” configuration onto the rover. By connecting the serial monitor (RTCM + NMEAN protocol out) on RTX2, to analyze the data, I verified that the GGA data was correctly decoded: the parsing program is therefore reliable.

Then I loaded the configuration “srtk2b_rover_sends_back_GGA_to_base_FW_HPG112” onto the rover
On the base I loaded the configuration “srtk2b_base_FW_HPG112”.
I have not changed any parameters, I only verified that the nmea data was sent on the two serials, and the base was in FIX location.
Giving power to the base and rover, the xbee <> gps LEDs flashed, and therefore the communication between the two was active.
I connected the serial monitor to the base.
On the tx1 pin, I should have read the station data, in NMEA format but instead I read the data in a confused way:
$ GNGGA, 0.0.4259481N, 083.618.999.
$ GNGGA, 0674.0,46, E1,2,9.9.5. ,,, 9999999999992 * C
and so on.
I tried to connect com2 (tx2 pin) to check if the rover was sending data … but I had no outgoing message.
I checked that the baud rates were correct between the rover and the base: all ok.

The rover was connected, via usb, to swmap on the mobile phone and the basic operation <> rover was correct: the location of the rover was correct
Do you have any suggestions?
About the pin reset, it would have been nice if it had been enabled … but that’s okay 🙂

Ardusimple Staff replied 1 month ago

On the base:
A. At TX1 pin the data you show doesn’t make sense, are you reading from a PC or from your parser?
B. If you connect POWER+XBEE to a PC, you should see the rover’s position (only GGA message), and the same data that you should see on TX2.

If you are doing tests while the board is plugged on an arduino UNO, I suggest to repeat the test removing the arduino UNO, to discard that the arduino is somehow driving these pins.

mario.brustia answered 1 month ago

I am going crazy….
Summing up:
Rover> cfg rover send data
Base> base cfg
Maybe there are some things that I didn’t understand well and that before trying other tests I should understand well.
I refer to the BASE
From the UC panel, you can control the I / O ports.
a> Does UART1 port correspond to pins rtx1 and connector j2?
b> The UART2 port, corresponding to pins rtx2 and connector j1, and is it the port used to communicate via radio with the rover?
c> if b is true, then should i find the rover data? but if so, in the setup, why on uart2 I only have rtcm and not also nmea?
d> from what you wrote me, on the RTx1 port I should find the data of the base, in the format that I set in UBX-CFG-PRT
“On the base you receive base station position on” TX1: ZED-F9P UART1 TX “… right?
I do my tests with a PC monitor, the parser for now I don’t use it.

mario.brustia answered 3 weeks ago

Hi everyone,
I succeeded in my project.
The configuration is rover that sends position to base
Base configured in fix mode.
Using the keyboard I can program (via UBX) the base with the fix data. The operator at the base can always check the status of the rover analysis (all data transmitted) and the base (the base operation data) using the m keyboard. .
The programming of the base takes place via UBX protocol while the reading of the data is given by the decoding of the NMEA messages present on TX1 and TX2 of the base.
Field tested and I must say that the work works well. Attached the two device…in box!

I need only further information:
On the rover, in the rover> base configuration, is the UART1 used or can I configure it for a connection with a datalogger?

From your file, it seems that it is not used, it is set by default to 38400 with all the protocols active.base/rover

Ardusimple Staff replied 3 weeks ago

You can use UART1 for your own purpose, it’s not used for base-rover communication.