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Andrea Arlotta asked 6 months ago

I want to robotize a 2 wheeled vehicle for paddy field caring. I am choosing the suitable ardupilot hardware to use: I would like to employ ardusimple rtk techonology for an accurate localization.
I think CAUV V5 nano could be a good option: DID ANYBODY TRY to connect this board with ardusimple GPS? it should work fine?
thank you in advance,

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clive1 answered 6 months ago

The receiver here reports NMEA sentences and UBX messages in materially the same form as prior receivers. Reporting should work, you should review the source of your flight controller to better understand its functionality and capabilities.
You would need to feed in RTCM3 data to get an RTK solution, these can either come over existing radio links and be fed by the controller, or you can inject via the UART2 / XBEE route.