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tonyduky asked 1 year ago
Hello guys,
I’m new here.
As an archaeologist, I’m very interested in the survey solutions proposed by ardusimple.
I was wondering if anyone would have info or tutorials on how to work with Qfield and a ardusimple professionnal set.
The ultimate goal would be to host a site GIS on Qfield Cloud and being able to record new data directly with qfield (connected to qfield cloud) on field with a ardusimple survey set in RTK.
Thanks a lot everyone!

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Mauro Bettella answered 1 year ago
QField can use an external GNSS receiver through the bluetooth connection, but it doesn’t handle the NTRIP client connection (at least for now).
So if you connect an external GNSS receiver the position can be Single, or at most DGPS.
You need another software that takes care of RTK correction.
The application that I recommend for this type of activity is SWMaps because it uses the internal RTK engine of the ZED-F9P module, and it is free.
I use a simpleRTK2BLite.
I connect SWMaps to the USB port (UART1) and through this application I manage the connection as an NTRIP client (I can perform all my survey activities with SWMaps, the position data is produced by ZED-F9P suitably corrected in RTK mode).
At the same time (without turning off SWMaps) I can connect QFiled to bluetooth UART2 and I receive the same position data (I can safely use the QField functions for my survey).
All very simple ….
Another method of use is through the “Mock Locations” allowed by other applications such as: Lefebure NTRIP Client, Bluetooth GNSS, RTKGPS + (pay attention to the quota value, I haven’t done many tests with this type of connection with QField)
It is up to you to decide how to configure your QField project for storing data locally or in the Cloud, in the QField blogs you will find adequate information.
Stefano Truzzi
replied 1 year ago

Hello Mauro
could you post a dump of your f9p configuration? Better if you can explain the modification from the default config.

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