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chrismm asked 5 months ago

Hi there. Using ArduSimple with the LR configuration, but the range is not enough for me to operate. I want to setup my own ntrip source to rtk2go and use it with my clients. I setup the program RTKLIB (strsrv) to communicate the GPS data to RTK2GO. Only one important thing, I must enter the settings correct LAT/LONG/HEIGHT of the BASE. I read the internet and people talked to log RTCM3 data for some hours and let is analyzed by a service to get this info. Is there no possibility to get it from the ArduSimple device?
Thanks in advance!

clive1 replied 5 months ago

To be remotely useful, yes, you’d want an accurate position, otherwise a lot of wasted expense

mlubich565 replied 5 months ago

This service can provide cm accuracy level coordinates for your L1+L2 frequences RINEX file – F9P RTCM3 (RINEX converted) file must contain L1+L2 frequences measurmets.

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clive1 answered 5 months ago

Well there are RTCM3 to RINEX tools, and you could post-process those results.
You could use UBX-RXM-RAWX observation to create a RINEX file more directly. You’d want at least 20-30 minutes of data.
The results from an unaided SURVEY-IN are going to be rather lackluster.
If you lack the ability to post-process your position accurately, you could operate as a ROVER, taking NTRIP/RTCM3 data from a nearby station, and average position information will in RTK FIXED mode. You could perhaps use SURVEY-IN in the *aided* form, selecting 30mins, and 2cm

mlubich565 replied 5 months ago

Do you now a command for enable UBX-RXM-RAWX messages without U-Center (!UBX CFG MSG …)?

Ardusimple Staff replied 5 months ago

It’s not possible, needs to be done with ubx-cfg-msg or with the new configuation messages. A configuration message it’s a binary string that you can send from any device connected to the gps, no need to always connect u-center.