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skypuppy asked 2 years ago
  1. Do we have any simple utilities yet to query and set the state of our boards, preferably with a simple GUI? 
  2. Is there a simple way a program running on an RPi can get/set high precision mode, then monitor the values, all using the USB connector?
  3. Been running the F9P connected to a stratux unit (homemade or storebought ADS-B IN tool) for over 24 hours.  With no mods to the settings, no ntrip, and no “base” unit for it to communicate with, best it could get after a few hours was horizontal accuracy +/- 7 meters, and altitudes +/- 46 feet.  That’s pretty bad.  The stratux developers asked me to test the F9P with one of their units (that I made at home.)  I seem to recall, using ucenter a few months back, getting 3-5 meters horizontal and 12-15 feet altitude — all while sitting in the house at home.
  4. How can I make that better?  The developers want higher accuracies and to be able to set the parameters from within their code while connected via USB.
  5. Note: I’ve been pushing for this from them for months.  🙂
clive1 replied 2 years ago

Not sure who “we” are here. I’ve furnished ZED-F9 hardware to GPSd devs, my understanding it that provides some get/set capabilities, and presumably interface with tools like gpsmon
Not sure ArduSimple is going to write you a suite of apps, they are selling hardware at low margins, not a San Francisco based startup with millions of dollars of investment cash to burn.
If you can open a COM port or TTY connection to the receivers you can interact which it. Seems like something an undergrad CS/EE student should be able to knock together.
Default NMEA/UBX settings should yield position reporting to 2 cm *precision*. Not sure your is situation is impacted by settings, the lack of any augmentation is going to limit *accuracy*.
You might reflect on your antenna configuration and placement.
The ZED-F9T models do track SBAS satellites.
Not sure open source devs get super excited by being pestered, consider what code/support you are contributing to the project to advance things. Perhaps you need to provide them with hardware so they are not working blind?

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skypuppy answered 2 years ago

@clive1  stratux, not Stratus, is a DIY, open-source, open-hardware (more or less) project for aviation and drone safety that utilizes the information coming from ADS-B radio towers.  In case you were unaware. 
ArduSimple can be what they choose, that’s up to them, not you.
Yes, I have opened COM ports to the board.  I have asked for guidance on WHICH parameters to set to send to the board but have received minimal to zero guidance.  Much less, which parameter settings conflict, even in the simplest situations; like JUST TURNING ON HIGH-PRECISION MODE without screwing anything else up.
Well aware of antenna surroundings/placement, thank you very much. 
The default, at least a few months ago, was NOT to use US WAAS; I tend to forget there are other SBAS birds out there in the world.  My error.
If you think the OP is pestering, you ain’t SEEN pestering.
Do you not get the usual precepts for open-source, DIY projects?  Resources are normally the limiting factor and is very much so in this case.  The stratux guys don’t have an F9P.  I do.  They can’t afford one and I can’t afford to send them one.  If that is any of your business.
Have a good day.