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lui asked 4 years ago
I have tried connecting this product with Arduino. Is there a library? Can I get a simple program for this product for Arduino?

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clive1 answered 4 years ago
Start by finding a standard GPS NMEA example using the D0/D1 pins. Make sure to change baud rate selection from 9600 to 38400 baud.

erwin74 answered 4 years ago
Like clive1 mentioned already, you can use any GPS NMEA sample.
Or you can adapt the samples from sparkfun, which they have written for their ublox-boards (m8p, m8q, f9p):
In this case you have to modify the samples to use USART instead of I2C, because the sparkfun boards prefere to use the I2C bus which is not supported by ardusimple board.
replied 3 years ago

Hallo Erwin,
did you make the I2C to USART mod and could you provide the modified sample(s)?
I´m a bloody rookie with arduino and programming and spent already too much time without a successful output.
Thank´s and best regards!

When using arduino with 8 bit chip (UNO R3, MEGA, etc.), you will encounter problems when storing and calculating the position value as a floating number because it only supports Float (and Double) with 4 storage bytes.
For example, the expression (160.12345678 * 1000) / 1000 will no longer be 160.12345678.
SimpleRTK2B is a positioning solution for RTK with high accuracy ,if your project requires a centimeter-level calculation, use 32-bit arduino platforms like Arduino DUE, ESP8266 and ESP32.

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