Any experience with RFDesign modems?

Q&A forumCategory: QuestionsAny experience with RFDesign modems?
Wolfgang asked 2 years ago

Just wondering if anybody here has first hand experience with these Australian radios? Specifically, the 868 models usable in Europe such as
The XBee 868’s are, according to our preliminary tests, not looking all that promising in terms of range for our intended use.

Ardusimple Staff replied 2 years ago

Hi Wolfgang, radio will arrive much further than our XBee 868 radios. But you need a license to transmit at such high power in Europe…

On the other hand, trying to solve your range issue with our radios, how is your installation? For maximum range antennas should be mounted on the rooftop of the vehicle. We will launch in 2 months low cost high gain antennas to improve the range of our kits and keep the “legality” in Europe.

Wolfgang replied 2 years ago

I distinctly recall having replied to this comment but that reply seems to have been lost.

Any way, that was just to say that needing a licence is not necessarily a problem in our case. Although of course it may be that the XBee’s do the job satisfactorily in the first place. We need to test further.