Any Android app that truly uses ardusimple to its full potential?

Q&A forumCategory: QuestionsAny Android app that truly uses ardusimple to its full potential?
apt1506 asked 4 months ago

Lebefure accepts only NMEA, which automatically uses only L1,
MapitGIS NTRIP accepts UBX but only receives L1 for Glonass and GPS
GNSS Commander does not really accept rtcm3 corrections, even though it says it does.
RTKGPS+ accepts RTCM3 and UBX, but doesn’t really work.
Any other suggestions?

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clive1 answered 4 months ago

Perhaps conversations you should be having with the app vendors directly. NMEA doesn’t handle reporting more than 12 satellite in GGA/GSA well. It doesn’t however preclude the receiver using multiple constellations and bands in the background, and reporting in a way that doesn’t crash software coded for the 1990’s

apt1506 answered 3 months ago

GNSS Surveyor sees 42 sats but doesn’t lock onto anyone.
I managed to make GNSS Commander work but only through UART2 bluetooth and again with the limitation of 12 sats.
So, using Lebefure, if the NTRIP caster has all constellations viewable in all bands, is the ardusimple using those corrections without reporting to the app, yet providing the rtkfix said?

clive1 replied 3 months ago

Well the method to determine that would be to connect to uCenter via the USB connection, and get reporting of UBX-NAV-SAT/SIG and UBX-RXM-RTCM, that way you could see who was getting corrections and what RTCM3 messages were being received/accepted.

GGA will report a consistent fix type across all Talker ID, so a 4=FIXED, 5-FLOAT RTK solution should be determinable.

clive1 answered 3 months ago

I’ve tried to make contact with Lefebure to see if we can facilitate getting them some uBlox or ArduSimple HW to work with.

apt1506 replied 3 months ago

That’s cool! Hope they work something out 😉

apt1506 answered 3 months ago

So it seems that through UART2 GNSS Commander and Lebefure do provide a lot more sats’ corrections than what the apps actually show (ie 12) according to nav sig 😉 Thx!

apt1506 answered 3 months ago

Now I got GNSS Commander to show 23 sats used and 1cm fix through uart1 bluetooth BUT mock location doesn’t work, ugh… In the end I think Lebefure is the most practical, because it keeps mock location and it’s free 😉