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remi.cormier8 asked 9 months ago

I need a 30 m cable to connect the AMN-MB-00 antenna to the Ardusimple (used as a base).
What kind of cable should I use :

  • has any body experienced connecting the RG174 (SMA connector) antenna cable to a bigger cable ?
  • 50 Ohm or 75 ohom ?
  • ?

Any suggestion would be greatly apreciated

Ardusimple Staff replied 9 months ago

Hi Remi,
30m is too long for GPS signal, unless you use an GPS amplifier in the middle, like: You might want to find an equivalent with SMA.

In general, 10meters (in addition to the 5m of the ANN-MB), is the maximum we would recommend. And you could already see a loss in performance.

Regarding your question, the lower loss the cable the better, and 50 ohm.

sjaak.aarnoutse replied 9 months ago

Connecting RG174 to a thicker cable can be done. I would solder the core, make sure you maintain perfect isolation and shielding. Crimp foil woild be the finishing touch.
You may want to check out H155 coax, see
This cable has a much lower attenuation which will allow you to cover greater distances. It is also a lot less vulnerable.

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remi.cormier8 answered 9 months ago

Thank’s for your answers.
I bought a “High Quality coaxial cable” 50 ohm, 10.3 mm in diameter with SMA with male and femelle connectors from, 15 m in length.
It works perfectly
I did’nt noticed any attenuation : from u-center, satelites near zenith have à 50 dB SNR.