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Andreas Pfister asked 3 months ago
When I connect my simpleRTK2b Receiver to my Android Tablet (Samsung Galaxy Tab Active3) via Lefebure NTRIP client and enable mock location, the location makes some random jumps. The jumps occur every 1-2 seconds. The location jumps 100-200 meters away from the actual location. This happens even when Lefebure shows RTK fix. I tried different NTRIP casters, different Android devices, different NTRIP-clients and connected both via USB-OTG and Xbee-Bluetooth-module. However, I was not able to get rid of these weird jumps… Any help is greatly appreciated.
Staff replied 3 months ago

Hello Andreas,

This is not due to mock location but depends on the app you are using.
With Google Maps, for example, these jumps occur, unless you disable Google Location services.
We suggest you to try SW Maps app, there you should not see any jumps.
As an alternative to Lefebure NTRIP client, you can also try GNSS Master.

ArduSimple Team

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