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sgraham3 asked 2 months ago
I’m new to this, thanks for your patience. I would like to use one base station with multiple phones as rovers/collectors. Is it possible to use the Android phone with mock location directly to the base station without a separate rover receiver?
1) zed-f9p to laptop to wifi to phone. 
case) no internet or cell service  
           does not have to be accurate at time of collection can post process if possible

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Ardusimple Staff answered 2 months ago
Hi Graham,
We are not sure we understood your question. We share some information with you, let us know if this doesn’t resolve your challenge:

  • An Android phone can’t calculate centimeter precision even if connected to an RTK base station (antenna is too small for RTK)
  • If you want centimeter position on your phone, you will need an RTK base station. An RTK rover will need to be connected to the android phone, and both will require communication to transmit correction data.
  • If is possible to do postprocessing with centimeter precision if you don’t have the possibility of connecting the base and the rover realtime. But in this case you will also need an RTK rover that can record RAW data with enough quality for postprocessing. To postprocess the positions you will need a software, today we don’t offer such software.

sgraham3 answered 2 months ago
Thank You
Your first bullet answers my question. 

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