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f9p_fan asked 3 months ago

I am using a simpleRTK2b in rover mode with NTRIP correction data.
The device is going to fixed mode with 3D Accuracy of 2cm. But when recording a ubx file with u-center 19.03 the recorded data only has a altitude resolution of 10cm in the recorded file.
First I looked at the recorded values with the matlab import script ( but the hppos field was empty. Then I tried to enable HPPOSSLH message and now get the high precision data fields in matlab, but still the resolution is only 10cm.
How should I config the device to get a high resolution data to get an image like the car point cloud in the kickstarter project? (
Thank you!

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Ardusimple Staff answered 3 months ago

Hi f9p_fan,
Enabling HPPOSLLH is everything you need to do.
Our code in Github only parses a few messages as example, you need to implement the parser of the HPPOSLLH, otherwise the script won’t translate the high resolution information.

Best regards,
ArduSimple Team