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braddo asked 9 months ago

Hello, Just getting started with the RTK2Lite board – have it connected to u-enter. I have finally reliable FIX condition and I’m looking at the variability charts.
The position chart seems to show pretty good +/- 5 cm or so, over a period of a few minutes. Was hoping for better but probably good enough for my application.
But altitude, if I display the ALT HAE chart my current readings flip between -9.8 and -9.7 The charts don’t show what unit this is but I assume meters. Therefore the resolution of these points is a decimeter. Is it that the chart resolution itself cuts off at a decimeter i.e won’t display points between, or is it that the device is only outputting values at the decimeter level, or is it that the whole setup cant actually resolve smaller altitude differences? This would be sort of a killer problem if the latter.
I believe resolution of F9P with RTK FIX should be 1-2cm, hopefully I can display/log at that resolution.
Any tips?

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clive1 answered 9 months ago

UBX-NAV-HPPOSLLH can report heights in 0.1 mm units.