all satellite signals dissapears,

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jpucheu asked 10 months ago

Hi, something weird is happening with my ardusimple. Randomly, satellite signals dissapears for a few milliseconds. 
signal gap
Also, after enabling debug, i see a lot of these messages
ERROR: txbuf alloc
$GNTXT,01,01,00,txbuf alloc*61
ERROR: txbuf alloc
¿Could you help me? thanks,

2 Answers
jpucheu answered 10 months ago here is the image of the u-center software when the error happens
clive1 answered 10 months ago

It is indicative of you jamming too much data out of a slow interface.
If using USB, make sure the UART1 and UART2 don’t have a overburden of messages outputting for the baud rate.
Cull messages you don’t need, on interfaces you don’t use, with UBX-CFG-MSG
Avoid using NMEA GSV, and use UBX-NAV-SIG instead.