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Jörg Hubschneider asked 3 years ago
Setup: simpleRTK2Blite+BT Case Kit (just got)
I have access to a NTRIP RTCM2.3 caster service. How can I activate “CFG-UART2INPROT to RTCM2X” (RAM,BBR,Flash)?
I always get crossed items as response to Send-Button ?
Is there something about “Safeboot/GND connection? How does it work – couldn’t find something…
replied 3 years ago

SAFEBOOT forces the receiver to enter the ROM software with some more general settings, used in situations where you brick the device with settings that prevent communication, or something in the FLASH malfunctions. If the firmware is corrupt or incompatible, it will normally drop into a ROM or SAFE mode allowing for reconfiguration, or reloading of the firmware.

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Jörg Hubschneider answered 3 years ago
I now have updated my u-center to 19.11.01. Have tested to enable CFG-UART2INPROT-NMEA and -UBX: Does work (no cross->checked)!! Saw then that there is a difference to -RTCM2X – It is greyed out!! Seems it is not possible to enable it at all!
Staff replied 3 years ago

Correct, zed-f9p only supports rtcm version 3

Ardusimple Staff answered 3 years ago
Hi Jörg,
The kit is sent pre-configured that you just need to connect it to your phone over bluetooth, turn ON your NTRIP app like lebefure. If you changed the configuration you can find the original one and the steps to set it in our configuration page:

Jörg Hubschneider answered 3 years ago
Thanks, having a fallback is fine. Is my analysis correct, that the current pre-configuration does not accept RTCM2.3 NTRIP format? …means for my 1st tests receiving NTRIP data via Lefbure-App, I have to modify the CFG-UART2INPROT setting to RTCM2X?

Jörg Hubschneider answered 3 years ago
OK , have to find a Caster with RTCM3x. Currently looking at for a nearest caster … (does not need any credentials)

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