Adaptador RS232-to-Everything as rover for geophysical and classical survey

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tonyduky asked 3 months ago

Hi there,
We are considering using one of your RTK solutions as an alternative to the classic GNSS solution we use on a daily basis (Trimble). We basically have two main applications:

    • Classic GPS survey.


    • Geophysical survey: we need to georeference our (geophysical) sensors with centimeter accuracy, quite like you advertise for drone sensors. We would need to be able to send a corrected NMEA sentence to our geophysical datalogger directly from the receiver as we currently do. So far, we used different types of dataloggers and they need to be connected to the GPS receiver via the receiver female serial DB9 output.


For geophysical surveys, we are considering using a local NTRIP caster (centipede) to proceed to the position correction directly from the board.  Hence the set up would need to integrate the 4G NTRIP client to send the corrected position without need for a third party device (cell phone).

Here is what we plan on acquiring from ardusimple :

RS232-to-Everything adapter incl. 3m power cable https://www.ardusimple.com/product/rs232-to-xbee-everything-adapter-3m-cable/</h1&gt;

4G NTRIP Master https://www.ardusimple.com/product/4g-ntrip-master/</h1&gt;

Which plastic case or empty plastic antenna would you recommend to use for optimal protection and sturdiness? On field, the antenna would have to be screwed on a 5 / 8 “ male screw on the geophysical device or on a survey pole.

What power source would be recommended to power up all this? A powerbank? Any recommendations?

1 local sim card

Are we missing anything? Do we need  an additional simpleRTK2B receiver or is it included in the 4G NTRIP Master?


With this would we be able to use this rover for the following applications :

    • Use the rover for classic gps survey recording data on a cable connected android device (GIS app)?


AND (not at the same time)

    • Recording gnss data through the RS232 socket via a NMEA sentence with the serial port connected to the geophysical datalogger.


Given all this, what would be the estimated accuracy?
Thanks a lot for your help guys!

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Ardusimple Staff answered 3 months ago
replied 3 months ago

What plastic case would be right to protect this setup?

Thanks a lot

Staff replied 3 months ago

The plastic case for simpleRTK fits the list from our previous message, you will just need to work manually on the cutout for the RS232.

replied 3 months ago

Okay. What would you recommend to use as power supply? this system would be used for at least 6 hours a day.

Staff replied 3 months ago

Any adapter for 5V that can provide 1A should be enough.
As for power consumption, with 4G communications depends a lot on the coverage or your operator in the area of use. To make a battery budget of the complete system I would use a minimum of 500mA @ 5V.

replied 3 months ago

Okay thank you! When not using the RS232 port, can we receive gnss data on an android device through usb as well?

Staff replied 3 months ago

Yes you can use any interface for any purpose.

replied 3 months ago

What kind of usb cable should I use for powering both the simplertk module and the android device with the powerbank while also allowing data exchange from rtk module to the android device? thanks a lot for your time!

Staff replied 3 months ago

For this case we recommend using bluetooth for the connection with the mobile phone, so the USB can be used by a powerbank.

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