Accuracy of Ardusimple with Ntrip service

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tomtom asked 6 months ago
I am currently trying to find out how to calculate the accuracy of ublox when using an Ntrip service.
The datasheet of ublox gives an accuracy of 0.01 m + 1ppm CEP. The Ntrip provider claims an accuracy of 1-2 cm. Do I have to sum those values up to get the overall accuracy? Or can I assume the “worse” accuracy is my overall accuracy?
Thank you in advance!

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clive1 answered 6 months ago
“0.01 m + 1ppm CEP”
Means 2 cm at 10 Km, ideally you should be within 7-10 Km of your reference station, so 1-2 cm is a good general estimate, depending on where you are, and the density of stations, this might be a bit fanciful and many place lack that density.
Sometimes they use multiple locations to generate a Virtual Reference Station near to your reported location, ie via your GLL reporting to the NTRIP Server.
It’s a radius, and for 50% of solutions.
Assume that’s best case, and there a plenty of factors that will worsen it.
If you need tight numbers perhaps use post-processing.

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