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Kaupoi asked 9 months ago

With firmware 1.13 how should I configure simplertk2b to use SBAS when RTCM messages are not available? 
Can I use 10Hz rate as NMEA output when GPS, Glonass, Galileo and SBAS are enabled?

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clive1 answered 9 months ago

It should enable SBAS by default, and will use RTCM3 data when available. With SBAS CEP99 looked to be just under a metre. Real concern is abrupt position change from 3D/DGNSS to FLOAT/FIX
I expect 10 Hz would be sustainable. Personally I’d cull a lot of the sentences as they are just noise. Set GSV rate to 10 so it comes out at 1 Hz
If you get “txalloc failure” warning check your baud rates, and message loadings, especially on otherwise unused interfaces.

clive1 replied 9 months ago

Using WAAS

Kaupoi answered 9 months ago

Did some test with SBAS (EGNOS). No matter if SBAS is on or off, the results are the same after 2,5h test; deviance is about 1m.

PPascal answered 9 months ago

SBAS does not give significant improvement vs multi constellation static positioning where I am. I also tested quickly on my side and it adds more noise on my plot.