6 pin J4 connector but 1 to 5 label

Q&A forum6 pin J4 connector but 1 to 5 label
Leonardo Garberoglio asked 11 months ago
Hi, I’m confused by the labeling and Pixhawk cable connection.
J4 connector has 6 pins, but they are labeled from 1 to 5.
I bought a Pixhawk cable (to ardusimple) and it comes with 5 cables. The corresponding to pin 1 is not there.
So, what is the correct pinout signals on J4 connector?
Staff replied 11 months ago

Hi Leonardo,

Yes it’s a writing mistake, it has been corrected in the latest versions. The 5 in your board should be a 6. Clod has pointed you to the right address. Thanks Clod!

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