4g ntrip client timeline

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jotesen asked 7 months ago

Is there a timeline for the 4g ntrip client?

Ardusimple Staff replied 7 months ago

Current planning is for April

jotesen replied 7 months ago

Thank you, that’s looks good.
Can I order it alone or just with a f9p?

Ardusimple Staff replied 7 months ago

This is not decided yet, stay connected.

AndrewRL replied 6 months ago

Please let me know when this is available. I’d like to test it with Wifi-NTRIP-master connecting directly to the master’s caster and also via rtk2go.

Will the software be open source (like the wifi-NTRIP-master)?

Are you sourcing a vehicle-mounting antenna to supply with it (as you have done for the radio)?

Ardusimple Staff replied 6 months ago

– the code will not be open source for the 4g ntrip client.
– the initial version will come with the cheapest possible antenna for good performance, later we will launch a vehicle mount antenna for customers that need better installation.
– if you are subscribed to the newsletters, you will be the first one to know when it will be launched.