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Q&A forumAuthor "mauro-bettella"
antenna connector specs
Closedclive1 answered 3 years ago • 
967 views1 answers1 votes
Problems during the firmware update.
Closedamagro answered 3 years ago
1536 views1 answers0 votes
Using Mission Planner and Pixhawk with NTRIP
Closedamagro answered 3 years ago • 
2230 views3 answers0 votes
Change output rate
Closedrosagriculture answered 3 years ago • 
1302 views1 answers0 votes
Are Rx2 and Tx2 pins swapped?
Closederwin74 answered 3 years ago
764 views1 answers0 votes
I2C, Backup supply voltage accessible?
Closederwin74 asked 3 years ago
669 views0 answers0 votes
Ntrip corrections Over Xbee radio
Closedleonciosl answered 3 years ago • 
1021 views2 answers0 votes
UART2 to USB PC connection RX/TX connection
Closedkareldew answered 3 years ago
2642 views1 answers1 votes
Any insight on future L5 capabilities for F9 modules?
ClosedK2Logics asked 3 years ago
644 views0 answers0 votes
Can the modules be chained?
ClosedArdusimple answered 3 years ago • 
627 views1 answers0 votes
ClosedKen McGuire answered 3 years ago • 
2488 views1 answers0 votes
board energy consumption
ClosedArdusimple answered 3 years ago • 
1018 views1 answers0 votes
ZED F9P not getting configured for SBAS
Closeddskumher asked 3 years ago • 
1471 views0 answers0 votes