L-Band Satellite RTCM Box



This product comes with 2 years worldwide warranty

Introducing the first device capable of providing corrections in standard RTCM format directly from L-Band satellites. This means that it is compatible with ANY RTK receiver from ANY brand and you don’t need anything else!

– Aluminium box with power (12V barrel or MiniUSB) and RS232 output. The box also has an output so you can share the GNSS antenna signal with your RTK receiver
– Mini-USB cable (20cm)

This product requires approval by u-blox.
Please fill all the information in the form below and we will put you in contact with u-blox PointPerfect representative.
Once you get the approval we will contact you so you can proceed with the purchase.

L-Band Satellite RTCM Box provides you reliable correction data in RTCM format in all area covered by L-Band PointPerfect service. No need of internet connection or a base station.

If you are in Europe or Continental North America, L-Band Satellite RTCM Box enables your RTK receiver with 2cm-4cm CEP accuracy without any additional hardware even in remote areas.

Once you get the u-blox PointPerfect approval and a PointPerfect subscription, just plug L-band RTCM Box to your RTK receiver using its RS232 connector, upload the credentials and start enjoying high precision GNSS.

SSR (State Space Representations) technology, also called PPP-RTK,  provides RTK-like performance over large areas for your RTK receiver. This correction data is provided via L6 band (L-band).

Good to know:
– This product is compatible with all RTK GNSS receivers in the market supporting RTCM3 format
– This product provides following RTCM messages: 1005, 1033, 1074, 1084, 1230. If your receiver needs other messages, just contact us!
– This product uses PointPerfect service via L6 band (L-band), with accuracy of 2-4 centimeter
– This product doesn’t include PointPerfect subscription (L-band plans start at 30$ per device per month, we will help you on the activation process)
– This product provides correction data for GPS and Glonass
– This product doesn’t include L-band antenna, which is required to use this product
– This product has an SMA output so you can share the GNSS antenna signal with your RTK receiver.
– The PointPerfect broadcast provides uniform coverage on a continental scale in Europe, the contiguous USA and southern Canada including up to 12 nautical miles (roughly 22 kilometers) off coastlines.


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