Product update: simpleRTK2B v1.1 facelift and getting ready for mass production

simpleRTK2B v1.1

Dear backers & followers,

Today we would like to make 2 announcements:

simpleRTK2B is getting a facelift: the simpleRTK2B v1.1.

The new version will replace the current v1.0, but is 100% backwards compatible. So if you did any adapter, box, etc with simpleRTK2B v1.0, it will also be compatible with v1.1.

This is what is new:

  1. New “bomb-proof” micro-USB connector. Few of you are using simpleRTK2B in harsher environments that we thought, and we changed the connector to a more robust through hole. Some of you asked to change to a new standard like USB Type-B, but this would eliminate the backwards compatibility with previous boards.
  2. Added timestamp functionality. EXTINT is now available for your synchronization projects!
  3. Re-labelled the “RTK FIX” led to “NO RTK”. We received some comments that the LED logic was counter-intuitive even if it was following ZED-F9P datasheet. We had to improve this while keeping the backward compatibility with v1.0 and this was the outcome. LED logic stays the same! (1 – no corrections, blinking – receiving RTCM data, 0 – Fixed). It’s just that the label is different.
  4. Added GPS antenna short circuit protection. Now the board is protected against accidental short circuits on RF pin.
  5. Timepulse output is now referenced to 3.3V and not 0.7V.

All pending and new orders will be served with the new v1.1.

The second announcement of the day is that we are getting ready for mass production.

With a few production batches of experience behind us, now we reached the confidence level to start mass production with simpleRTK2B. We have ordered all sub-components in large quantities and before the end of March we will be able to change our online shop status to “IN STOCK”. We suggest you to place your orders, as we will serve the orders in sequence of reception.

Happy week ahead!
Best regards,
ArduSimple Team

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