Product update simpleRTK2B: pre-production prototype is real

simpleRTK2B with ZED-F9P

We are very excited today, and we wanted to share it with you.
We finished yesterday the assembly of the first pre-production sample of simpleRTK2B, and everything is working as expected.
This is really good news as it confirms that we are on track with our schedule.
For the more curious, here you can find the most relevant changes from the previous version:

  • New and final size and corporate colors
  • Corrected small PCB routing mistakes
  • Introduced design improvements recommended by u-blox
  • Introduced improvements for better self-alignment of arduino and xbee rails
  • Added standard Arduino mechanical holes
  • Improved power supply design to also support XBee 3G / LTE
  • Added labels on pins
  • Final LED selection: power, XBee TX, XBee RX, GPS fix, GPS RTK
  • New Pixhawk connector compatible with V4 (6-pin JST GH series)
  • Changed UART2 pin numbers on Arduino rails, to be also compatible with default STM32 Nucleo UART configuration
  • New ZED-F9P signals available in test points: Timepulse, Safeboot, Reset, TX_ready, Geofence

That being said, please help us welcome the real simpleRTK2B:

We are ready to start, but now we are only missing the funding! We need your help to make simpleRTK2B real. You can help us by:

  • Finding us on LinkedIn and liking/re-posting our latest post
  • Sharing our project with your colleagues that might be interested in contributing
  • Posting about our project in your frequent forums
  • Any other ideas are welcome 🙂

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