Product update: Bluetooth modules available in store

simpleRTK2B Bluetooth mounted

The simpleRTK2B board is compatible with any commercial Bluetooth device that supports UART connectivity.

Many users asked us to include a Bluetooth module in our store and here it is:

simpleRTK2B Bluetooth front simpleRTK2B Bluetooth back

The module we included is compatible with almost any Bluetooth device (it uses BT 2.0).
It is easy to integrate with the simpleRTK2B board since it uses the XBee socket, no soldering or wiring is required.

We will ship it pre-configured to be used with your board and we will post a tutorial soon explaining how you can change the basic parameters (baudrate, device name, …) if you need to.

Another advantage is that you don’t need additional hardware if you want to play with the BT module, because the simpleRTK2B board already contains an FTDI adapter in the USB connector POWER+XBEE.

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