PocketLocator with GIS4Mobile app: Ultracompact RTK receiver for pole mount made in Denmark

Today we are presenting to you a customer product developed around simpleRTK2Blite: the ultracompact RTK receiver for pole mount including GIS application from GIS4Mobile.

  • It is light: 170 grams, so it can fit in your jacket’s pocket.
  • The built-in battery is 2.6 Ah, and lasts for at least 10 hours of work.
  • Power switch.
  • Accuracy down to a few cm with NTRIP,
  • Uses standard protocol, so it’s compatible with any positioning app.
  • Included GIS4Mobile app with integrated NTRIP client for ease of use.
  • Affordable, at only 850€ / 995 $.

The product is RoHS compliant and it is CE marked. And is ready to buy: Pocket Locator from GIS4Mobile.