New Section: Customer Projects

Dear followers,

Today we open a new section in our site: Customer Projects! We have seen amazing work around ArduSimple’s products, and we are sure the rest of the community will benefit from hearing about it.

How it will work:

  • We will start now posting in our blog about customer projects arriving to our ears.
  • You will find all customer projects under “Products” > “Customer Projects“.
  • If you believe your project is worth a post, you can send us all information about it using our new form under “Contact” > “Post your project

We hope this will help our customers promote their work and will help new users of affordable high precision find what they are looking for.

Unfortunately we will not be able to post all your projects to not overwhelm the community, but we will try our best. And don’t get mad if we post competing projects, both of you benefit from the promotion.

Happy Ferragosto!

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