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New SBC Firmware v1.03

The simpleRTK2B-SBC is the most flexible product from ArduSimple.
It is fully programmable on microPython with a dedicated API developed by our engineers which is focused on high precision GNSS and engineering projects.

The SBC is a project development accelerator that allows engineers with limited resources to build functional prototypes in a matter of days. If your project combines RTK GNSS technology with IMU, data logging, RS232, CANbus, Ethernet, PWM, IoT, UHF, BT, WiFi, 2/3/4G, … this product is for you.

With the latest firmware release, we have included some useful features that will power up your project:

  • Added original uasyncio micropython directory contents with two addons: semaphores and queues
    Useful for asynchronous tasks
  • Added ubx.builder to compose UBX messages
    Build your own custom UBX message
  • Added safety feature: in case that USB can’t be initialized, duplicate REPL terminal so it can be accessed via RS232#1
    Access the microPython environment via RS232!
  • Added MicroWebSrv2 micropython library
    Build your own website server on the SBC
  • Added mboot support to update firmware by drag&drop firmware (.dfu.gz) to external flash memory
    This feature enables FOTA
  • Added NTRIP client and NTRIP server classes
    No need to worry about the details, we did it for you 🙂
  • Added asynchronous TCP socket client
    Socket multitasking is a reality
  • Allow main.mpy execution on power up
    Protect your source code from your clients
  • Added MQTT Client
    State of the art IoT communication protocol
  • PointPerfect ready
    The coolest feature of the year, notice that if you own a SBC, you have free PointPerfect corrections until the end of the year
  • Bug fixes
    Small fixes, check changelog for more details

Check our dedicated SBC site to learn more!

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