New products: Battery Shields

Battery Shields for any Arduino or DIY GNSS RTK project

Today we are introducing 2 new accessories for your GPS/GNSS project. Actually they can be useful for any Arduino or DIY project! Battery Packs with built-in charger.

We have created 2 different products to meet 2 different needs:

  • NiMH Battery Shield using standard AAA rechargeable batteries that you will find in any local store, with a total capacity of 750mAh, which is enough to run a simpleRTK2B for around 6 hours.
  • A high capacity LiPo Battery Shield with 3’500mAh to get your project running all day long. To give you an idea, with this capacity you can power a simpleGNSS or a simpleRTK2B board for 30 hours, or a simpleRTK3B board for 10 hours.

And as always, in stock ready to be delivered to you in 2-4 business days.

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