New product: simpleRTK2B Micro with ZED-F9

New product simpleRTK2B Micro with ZED-F9

For users looking for an RTK product to integrate into their PCB, today we want to present to you our new simpleRTK2B Micro:

  • Smallest Form Factor
  • Many ZED-F9P pins available
  • Re-usable: if you do a new PCB you can un-mount from your previous version the expensive GPS!
  • Smaller PCB area needed: you can use the space below the module to place other components!
  • Easy to solder by hand or machine
  • No RF knowledge required, because all RF components are already inside: simply uFL for pigtail connection or long SMA for direct panel mount
  • Bulk pricing starting 50 units

Available with 3 options to adapt to your individual requirements:

  • ZED-F9P or ZED-F9R
  • uFL or Long SMA
  • Through Hole or Surface Mount

The u-blox ZED-F9P for small integrators. No RF knowledge needed. Small form factor and minimum footprint: you can use the space below the board to place more components.

And the best, in stock for global delivery in 2-4 working days. You can start your PCB now with our ultra-short PCB Integration Guide for simpleRTK2B Micro.

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