New product line: ArduSimple Engineering Series

  • Are you developing your own PCB and want to get to the market as soon as possible?
  • Struggling to get support from suppliers because your project is too small?
  • Prefer to select re-usable products instead of expensive one-time-use SMD parts?
  • Do you have hardware skills but are missing software development? Or the other way around?

We tried to resolve all these problems with our new Engineering Series.

ArduSimple Engineering Series: Plugin RTK Receivers, GNSS Antennas and Communication Modules for your GNSS-RTK project

We take care of the complex stuff like RF design, sourcing hundreds of components, SMD assembly or software, so you can focus and accelerate your product development. And starting 50pcs available on bulk pricing for cost saving.

With software inside, you just need to configure the part at production and let them work autonomously in the field. No host processor nor programming required!

And the best: available for delivery in 2-4 weeks. You can read more and start ordering in our new site for ArduSimple Engineering Series.

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