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Measuring ground settlement before a construction work with centimeter precision

Before a road or other heavy construction is built, the ground needs to settle first. To do this, a heavy layer of sand is placed on top of the original ground. Without this process, the ground would settle after a structure is being built on it, causing the construction to break. This settlement must be monitored to see if the ground is not sinking too fast, or to check if the ground is settled enough. Most of the time this monitoring is done manually. A surveyor is hired weekly, sometimes even daily, to measure the settlement. This process is very labour intensive and takes a lot of man hours, and usually very expensive RTK receivers are used for this purpose.

To solve this problem, Soilspect is developing a product that automatically monitors the settlement with the use of ArduSimple affordable RTK with centimeter precision. Several of Soilspect’s products are placed on the construction site in order to properly monitor every movement. Users can see the collected settlement data in a real time dashboard or download all the data into an Excel sheet. This solution is cheaper, clearer and easier than the current methods. You can read more about this use case in Soilspect’s website.

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