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Triple-band, 100Hz RTK, Millimeter-accuracy, HDT Heading & more… welcome the NEW “3B” series!

Thanks to your feedback last Christmas and after considering many options, today we would like to announce our new portfolio of high end receivers… at ArduSimple price.

The new simpleRTK3B series come in 2 flavours:

  • simpleRTK3B Pro: Triple band L1/L2/L5, 100Hz RTK, 6mm accuracy, RINEX… powered by Septentrio Mosaic-X5.
  • simpleRTK3B Heading: Dual band L1/L2/E5b, 20Hz RTK+Heading or 50Hz Position+Heading… powered by Septentrio Mosaic-H.

Both items are in stock and ready to ship! You can learn more about them in our new simpleRTK3B product page.

And if you are user of Trimble, Leica, Novatel or Hemisphere RTK receivers, we really invite you to give them a try 🙂

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