“In stock“

Hello backers, followers & customers,

Today it’s a very special day for us. After many sleepless nights and our wives close to divorce, we can finally say that our products are IN STOCK. You have really challenged us!

It takes around 8-10 weeks since we order a production batch until we have the finished product in stock (2 months!). Could be done faster, but not at the price we can offer today.

During our first production batches, we miserably failed in the attempt of “guessing” how many boards we would need in 8-10 weeks:

  1. If we ordered too many and we don’t have enough sales, then we don’t have money to pay our suppliers.
  2. If we ordered too little and we have too much sales, then our customers are not happy because we need to push out the shipping date of new orders.

As you can probably guess, in the first attempts to plan our production, we were in case 2 🙂

But finally we hit the sweet spot between ordering enough and selling enough to be able to pay our suppliers and have a bit of stock for future orders.

And we are very happy to share this news with you. Thanks again for your support, confidence & patience and looking forward to seeing your high precision projects also taking off very soon.

Best regards,
ArduSimple Team

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