Happy New Year and Happy New ArduSimple!

Dear followers,

We didn’t want to disturb you during the vacation period, and for this reason we send you today our best wishes for the new year!

New year also means new ArduSimple. We have re-designed our main page www.ardusimple.com to help more people understand what are we trying to do: make high precision RTK GPS more simple and affordable.

We are also getting a lot of questions regarding what we are our plans for this 2020. The most relevant news for us is that we are leaving our garage and are finally moving to an office (but very small, we wouldn’t like this to impact our prices), and that we are introducing a few changes in our company that hopefully will make us faster and more efficient.

And what about new products? There’s also a lot going on! We won’t disclose everything yet, but what we can say, is what is coming really soon:

  • A new simpleRTK2B form factor, the simpleRTK2B-SBC (Single Board Computer) with an on-board CPU that will allow you to build basically anything around ZED-F9P.
  • The awaited 4G NTRIP client, for literally plug-and-play GPS RTK.
  • Dead reckoning with sensor fusion and ZED-F9K arrives to simpleRTK2B.
  • eXtra Long Range Radios (due to air regulations only for US & Australia) to break the barrier of 10km.
  • And and and 🙂

Thanks again for believing in us. Our best wishes to you for this 2020!

Best regards,
ArduSimple Team

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