Happy Anniversary ArduSimple! Today we celebrate one year from our crowdfunding campaign


Dear backers, family and followers,

Today it’s a very special day for us. Exactly one year ago we received the great news that our Kickstarter project was successfully backed.

And this really changed our life. In only one year, we went from an evening and weekend hobby to a company with design office, manufacturing site and warehouse. From the craziness of the first months when everything was do-it-yourself, to a company with processes, employees and tasks. From ardu-what?, to going to tradeshows and people coming to say hi.

We wanted to share with you that all above would not have been possible without the support of our families. They didn’t hesitate a second to support us from the very beginning, and had the understanding that there would not be vacations nor weekends for the months to come. THANK YOU!

But of course all this would not have been possible, at all, without all of you, our backers. And we really really, want to thank you for the trust you gave us. THANK YOU! We also hope that we didn’t disappoint you, and that you are still enjoying your boards and accessories as much as we are enjoying developing them.

With all this great first year in our memory, what is next? We don’t want to disclose our plans, but what we can say is that, we are going to have a very exciting 2020 with a lot of new product launches, which hopefully with surprise you, make you happy, or just make even simpler high precision GNSS. Stay tuned 🙂

Finally, we want to remind you or let you know that your feedback is priceless. We read ALL your e-mails. This is the only way we can know what to do next, and for this reason we want to encourage you to send us feedback or product ideas through our contact page. Also if you decide to buy the product from our competitor! we will be happy to receive an e-mail letting us know why 🙂

Happy weekend and best regards,
ArduSimple Team

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