February 4: General update

Dear backers and followers,

A few of you have mentioned that you miss the updates we were giving during the Kickstarter campaign. We have therefore decided to go back to posting regular updates. Here a summary of what has happened the last month.

Production update:

  • It has been a hell of a ride. General lead time for electronic components it’s around 8 weeks. This means that we need to decide 8 weeks in advance how much material we want to produce, and pay for it. Sounds easy if we could read the future 🙂 But unfortunately or fortunately the demand has exceeded our expectations and we were always too conservative in our plans.
  • Our next production batch is arriving soon, and all your orders before February 8th 12th should be shipped latest by February 25th. And the good news is that we are working to stabilize this and we expect to have “unlimited” stock by March 15.

Store update:

  • We have launched 2 new accessories: Bluetooth plugin and the LR radios.
  • Our LR radios allow you to have multi-rover setups. If you have a LR kit, just buy an additional simpleRTK2B + LR to have a second rover connected to the original base unit.
  • Stay tuned as we will continue adding accessories to help you develop your projects around simpleRTK2B.
  • Few of you noticed that we have started shipping u-blox ANN antenna. We could not produce our antenna at enough speed to serve all your orders and we had to give a “free upgrade” to some of the orders. Our IP65 antenna has a bit better performance than u-blox ANN due to its size, but u-blox one is smaller and lighter. Now you can select at the moment of ordering which one do you prefer.

Customer’s update:

  • We are happy to see the first customers sharing videos with their successes using affordable high precision!
  • We encourage you to post your results and videos online, thanks for quoting ardusimple & simpleRTK2B to help us continue with this project.
  • For example, see: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NCxduP3Bghc

Your feedback:

  • Please send us feedback! We received a lot of good inputs and ideas how to improve simpleRTK2B and everything around it. Don’t hesitate to send your suggestions, we will be happy to read them. We are working on our next launch and all your inputs are very welcome!

Happy Monday!

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